Hey All,

Below is info on how to use customized Tiltify overlays.
StreamLabs, Stream Elements, Stream Jar and the normal Tiltify overlay for XSplit & OBS are available if you prefer those.

Step 1: Getting Your Overlay URL

To setup your custom overlay, we first need to grab the URL for your Tiltify campaign.
The URL for all alerts will be almost the same as your Tiltify campaign.
For this example mine is: https://tiltify.com/@santadevs/testing
My overlay URL will be: http://customoverlays.tiltify.com/su2c/@santadevs/testing

Your overlay URL should look similar: http://customoverlays.tiltify.com/su2c/@YOUR_USERNAME/YOUR_CAMPAIGN_SLUG

Step 2: Adding Your Overlay

  • Add a new Browser Source in the sources section of your OBS
  • Once you select Browser Source it will ask you to provide it a name.
  • After naming the source you should see the settings window. It will look something like this:
  • Set the URL to the Overlay URL from step 1.
  • Set the Width to 1920
  • Set the Height to 200
  • Press OK, you should now see your overlay on your stream.
  • If you have your resolution set to 720 you may need to right click the layer, go to transform, and right click fit to screen in order for it to work properly.
  • At the bottom left of XSplit press the add button on the desired scene.
  • Select “Webpage…”
  • Enter your Overlay URL from step 1 in the URL field.
  • Press OK

Step 3: Go Live!

The overlays looks like this & is designed to sit at the bottom of your stream:

Best of luck raising money! Thank you for all that you are doing to help those in need.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me @SantaDevs on Twitter!

Eater of snacks || @LayerOneIO CEO


Eater of snacks || @LayerOneIO CEO